Using the techniques of colorimetry, the ACC system is intended to facilitate the uniform supply of colour-batches and colour-charts while attaining clarity through even spacing in the system and economy through the avoidance of complex conversion procedures between perceived and actual values; to offer, in other words, economically priced colour samples. The ACC system comprises a cylinder with a base circle divided into 24 colour segments arranged alphabetically. The two other parameters, brightness and saturation, can register 100 graduations numbered 00 to 99. (Detailed text)

Date: The colour cylinder was designed in 1978 for the paint industry.

Country of origin: Netherlands

Basic colours: Colour-circle with 24 different «chromatic hues» and basic colours yellow, green, blue and red.

Form: Cylinder

Application: Colorimetry, constant supply of colours

Related systems: DINNCSCIELAB

Bibliography: «Acoat Color Codification System: Handbuch für Farbgestaltung», Sikkens (1978); G. Döring, «Der Vergleich zweier neuer Farbsysteme (ACC und NCS) mit der DIN-6164-Farbordnung», Farbe 29, pp. 53-75 (1981).