Aemilius Müller (2)

As the great Ostwald before him, Müller strove towards «the aesthetics of colour in natural harmonies». A work of the same title was published in 1973 and contained a collection of 200 colour-tables supposedly showing the fundamental relationships of colours. The double-cone with black at the bottom tip and white at the top continues the Ostwald tradition. The structure’s order arises through the arrangement of triangles of equal colour-hue around a common grey-scale axis. (Detailed text)

Date: Aemilius Müller presented this double-cone diagram in 1965.

Country of origin: Switzerland

Basic colours: Red, yellow, blue / green, orange and violet

Form: Double-cone

Application: Colour harmonies: architecture, design

Related systems: OstwaldMüller I

Bibliography: Ae. Müller, «Swiss Color Atlas SCA 2.541», Winterthur 1962; Ae. Müller, «Ästhetik der Farbe, in natürlichen Harmonien», Winterthur 1973; W. Spillmann, «Ein Leben für die Farbe», Applica 24, p. 717 (1984).