The colour-system illustrated can be traced back mainly to Günter Wyszecki, who presented a so-called cuboctohedron based on the experience that each colour-system constructed on the basis of «perceived equidistance» can be replaced by a regular rhomboid-matrix colour-system, in that the spacial lattice-structure can be embedded within an ordered colour-space according to colour-hue, brightness and saturation. The OSA-UCS-System allows scientists to analyse colour differences, and offers designers and artists various colour harmony versions. (Detailed text)

Date: This colour-system was commissioned by the Optical Society of America (OSA) and has been in existence since 1960.

Country of origin: Optical Society of America, USA

Basic colours: Yellow, blue, green and red

Form: Cuboctahedron

Application: Colour differences can be analysed: science, design, art.

Related systems: DIN

Bibliography: G. Wyszecki, «Farbsysteme», Göttingen 1960.

Links: Optical Society of America (OSA)