Alfred Hickethier

1000 colours are ordered in one cube. This system is based on three coloured printing inks—representing the basic colours of yellow, cyan-blue and magenta-red—which have been selected with particular care. A 10-part series of colours has been produced by appropriate insertion of the divisions of a grid and runs from the basic colour through to white in a series of gradations which are perceived as being almost equal. (Detailed text)

Date: The colour-cube was published in 1952.

Country of origin: Germany

Basic colours: Yellow, magenta-red, cyan-blue

Form: Cube

Application: Lithography, printing

Related systems: Müller I

Bibliography: Hickethier, «Farbenordnung Hickethier», Hannover 1952; G. Wyszecki, «Farbsysteme», Göttingen 1960; S. Rösch, «Die große Farbenordnung Hickethier», Ravensburg 1972.