CIE – David L. MacAdam

The complicated colour-solid, composed of many stripes, is an attempt to define the geometry of a colour-space in which differences in colour are perceived as equal and are also shown as equidistant («Uniform Color Scala», UCS). The CIE «Standard Colour Table» forms the basis for this tongue-shaped construction. (Detailed text)

Date: This attempt to design a uniform colour-scale dates from 1944.

Country of origin: USA

Basic colours: Red, green and blue

Form: «Topography» inside a modified triangle

Application: Colorimetry

Related systems: CIECIE-RöschC.I.E. – Stiles

Bibliography: D. L. MacAdam, «On the Geometry of Color Space», Journal of the Franklin Institute 238, pp.195-210 (1944); D. L. MacAdam, «Color Measurement», Heidelberg 1981.