CIE – S. Rösch

Special diagrams permit the brightness of optimal colours to be ascertained for a given chromaticity. If these parameters are integrated into the CIE diagram as a third dimension, the result will be the «colour-mountain» by S. Rösch. The colour-solid shown will arise when the so-called brightness-value of the corresponding optimal colours is plotted vertically above the colour points on plane of the CIE standard colour diagram. All feasible non-self-luminous colours will be located inside the resultant colour-mountain. (Detailed text)

Date: The mountain-like identification of colours was introduced in 1928 by the German physicist S. Rösch.

Country of origin: German

Basic colours: Red, green and blue

Form: Colour-mountain

Application: Colorimetry

Related systems: MunsellCIECIE-MacAdam

Bibliography: S. Rösch, «Die Kennzeichnung der Farben», Physikalische Zeitschrift 29, pp. 83-91 (1928); G. A. Agoston, «Color Theory and Its Application in Art and Design», Heidelberg 1979; M. Richter, «Einführung in die Farbmetrik», Berlin 1976.