Michel Jacobs

The colour-circle is based on three primaries identified by Jacobs as red, green and violet. He constructed his circle to represent the subtractive mixing of pigments. Because, however, his violet was the blue-violet also used by Wilhelm von Bezold, for example, the system actually involves additive colours which have been integrated into a subtractive framework. (Detailed text)

Date: M. Jacobs, the Canadian-born painter, wrote his Art of Colour in 1923.

Country of origin: Canada

Basic Colors: Red, green and Violet [blue-violet]

Form: Circle

Related systems: MaxwellHelmholtzBezold

Bibliography: M. Jacobs, «The Art of Color», New Jersey 1923; M. Jacobs, «The Study of Color, with Lessons and Exercises, arranged for Teachers, Artists, Students and Parents», New York 1925; M. Jacobs, «Color is Landscape Painting», New York 1955.