Charles Lacouture

Starting with the three basic colours of red, blue and yellow, a three-eared construction—a «Trilobe synoptique» — was developed, in which the thickness of the lines was varied to alter the colour tones, and not the colour of the inks. The basic colours have here been conceived so as to generate colour-fields. (Detailed text)

Date: The naturalist Charles Lacouture presented his system of optical mixtures in 1890.

Country of origin: France

Basic colours: Red, blue and yellow

Form: Modified triangle

Related systems: none

Bibliography: Ch. Lacouture, «Répertoire Chromatique: Solution Raisonnée et Pratique des Problèmes les Plus Usuels dans L’Etude et L’Emploi des Couleurs», Paris 1890; «Color Documents: A Presentational Theory», organised by S. Wurmfeld, Hunter College Art Gallery, New York 1985.