William Benson

The first colour-system to be based on a cube. William Benson attempted to master both the additive and subtractive mixing systems. The cube stands on its black corner, and three edges extend outwards to the basic colours of red, green and blue. From the white tip, the edges lead to a yellow, a “sea-green” and a pink corner. Benson preferred the unusual pink to the violet one would normaly expect; this, in his opinion, was too dark. (Detailed text)

Date: The architect William Benson published his cuboid system in 1868, in London.

Country of origin: England

Basic colours: Red, green and blue

Form: Cube

Related systems: MayerRungeChevreulMaxwell

Bibliography: W. Benson, «Principles of the Science of Colour, Consisely Stated To Aid and Promote Their Useful Application in the Decorative Art», London 1868; «Color Documents: A Presentational Theory», organised by S. Wurmfeld, Hunter College Art Gallery, New York 1985.