Ignaz Schiffermüller

A colour-circle based on four colours, red, blue, green and yellow, divided into a total of 3 x 4 = 12 segments. Orange and violet, which Schiffermüller saw as being insufficiently strong, cannot be counted amongst the «subsidiary colours». In part, his colour-circle is provided with rather fanciful names: blue, sea-green, green, olive-green, yellow, orange-yellow, fire-red, red, crimson, violet-red, violet-blue and fire-blue. (Detailed text)

Date: The colour-circle was published in Vienna in 1772.

Country of origin: Austria

Basic colours: Red, blue, green and yellow

Form: Circle

Related systems: NewtonLambert

Bibliography: Schiffermüller, «Versuch eines Farbensystems», Vienna 1772; C. Parkhurst and R. L. Feller, «Who invented the Color Wheel?», Color Research and Application 7, pp. 217-230 (1982); John Gage, «Colour and Culture, Practice and Meaning from Antiquity to Abstraction», Thames and Hudson, 1993, p. 170 (mention and comment)