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All materials originate from the publication «IdeaColour», Narciso Silvestrini, Baumann & Stromer publisher, 1994, Zurich).
This website was redesigned within the research project Colour & Light of the Zurich University of the Arts.

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IdeaColour credits
Concept/production: Prof. lic. phil. Urs Baumann
Illustrations/metaphysical systems: Prof. Narciso Silvestrini, (Professor for Colour Theory and Experimental Geometry at Milan’s Polytechnic of Design, in Italy), Mailand
Texts: Prof. Dr. Ernst Peter Fischer, (Professor in Scientific History at the University of Constance, Germany)
English translations: John Dennis Gartrell
French translations: Dr. Denis-Armand Canal (E.N.S., 1967)

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Colour-Light Centre, Zurich, in collaboration with Urs Baumann.
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