Michel Albert-Vanel

Colours are not abstract concepts but real sensations, usually experienced not in isolation, but in groups. We not only associate these groups with each other, but perceive them in their entirety. The planetary system introduces new parameters in order to describe the context in which a colour exists. A «planetary colour-system» is put forward in order to be able to account for the effects of the colour sensations. Three new parameters are introduced to describe the context in which a colour exists. The order is represented by planets appearing as the primary colours, orbited by numerous small moons as secondary colours. (Detailed text)

Date: The Frenchman Michel Albert-Vanel presented his attempt at a multi-dimensional colour-space in 1983.

Country of origin: France

Basic colours: Yellow, red, green and blue

Form: «Planetary space»

Application: Determination of colours in complex impressionistic pictures

Related systems: Hering

Bibliography: M. Albert-Vanel, «Planetary Color», in A. Hope und M. Walsh, «The Color Compendium», New York 1990.